Happy holidays from dueminuti!

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After two very hectic months, this holiday period was a great occasion to rest a bit and spend some quality time with friends and family.

As some family flew in from Italy to spend these holidays with us, we organized a Christmas eve dinner party to honor their arrival. We prepared a three-course meal based on fish and shellfish (no oxtail ragout this time!) inspired by Southern-Italian recipes. We started with stuffed mussels and stuffed calamari as an appetizer, then rigatoni “alla polpa di granchio” (Dungeness crab) and shrimps cooked “alla catalana”. For dessert, Italian panettone, followed by a shot of espresso and a selection of Italian liqueurs including limoncello and amaro (Italian herbal liquor).

Cooking for the people we love the most was a memorable way to spend Christmas. We are blessed for being surrounded by such a large and supportive family, and we are more energized than ever for what’s coming next year. We truly hope that you all had a chance to spend Christmas with the people you love and celebrate with a joyful home-cooked meal.

Happy holidays from the dueminuti team, and see you all again starting from December 27th!

Filippo & Davide



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