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Due Cucina Italiana

Dear all,
It has been a while since we last updated this blog. Some of you might have wondered: what happened to the dueminuti project?

Truth is, during the past two months we worked relentlessly to bring healthy pasta to Seattle. But we also had quite a few setbacks, so to say ūüôā
Before we tell you the full story, here’s the good news: 2 weeks ago we took possession of our restaurant space in Capitol Hill (412 Broadway E). Constructions to remodel the space have already started, and we’re on track to open the store on October 1st. We couldn’t be more excited to bring our vision to life!

Now, here’s what happened during the last two months.

In mid-May, after signing a contract to take over our new restaurant space, Filippo went back to Italy to apply for his visa. All our paperwork was ready, and our immigration attorney was confident that everything we could get everything approved by early-June. This estimate didn’t account for Murphy’s Law. Firstly, Filippo’s visa interview was scheduled with one month of delay. But the worst part was the interview itself: after a few minutes of Q&A, the officer told Filippo that due to his academic background (PhD in Nuclear Science) his visa would be denied to allow additional ‚Äúadministrative processing‚ÄĚ (just another word for Security Advisor Opinion, SAO) to be done on his account. What’s worse, even his tourist visa was suspended until further notice.

Shocked by this news we did some research online and we found out that such processing generally takes 6-8 weeks, but in some cases it could go on for months, even years. Disaster! With Filippo unlimitedly stuck out of the country, we were about to start paying rent. Meanwhile our constructor, tired of the uncertainty around our project (and also certainly not excited by our tight budget) decided to drop the project.

We went through several options. We considered carefully what would happen if Filippo’s visa would not be approved. Could we still bring this vision to life? Maybe somewhere else, outside of the US? It was just mind blowing to us how being overeducated could actually be a challenge – we had always considered Filippo’s scientific background as a key asset. During those stressful weeks the support of our families, friends and investors has been priceless, and it gave us the strength not to give up, if not for ourselves, for all the people that believed – and invested – in us.

Luckily we didn’t have to take any crazy decision – the background checks closed faster than expected, the visa was issued and Filippo arrived in Seattle on August 8th – with a gigantic smile on his face.

This is all we have to say about those crazy weeks. Now we’re working 24/7 to launch the store as soon as possible. Our constructor is fantastic, and so is our architect. The place is starting to take shape, but more on that on the next post.

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