About Us

About us

We are a team of lovers of Italian cuisine with a mission to serve authentic gourmet pasta dishes inspired by the Italian tradition at an affordable price.  

100% Italian

Our founders are two high-school friends from Tuscany, Italy, who came to Seattle to share their passion for authentic Italian pasta.

pasta making

Fresh everyday

Everyday, our fresh pasta is prepared daily in house, and so are 100% of our menu items.  Our menu combines classics from the Italian traditions together with experimental recipes with an healthy twist. As a result, at Due’ there is a dish for everyone.

Incubated at MIT

At the early stage, Due’ was incubated at the MIT Trust Center for Entrepreneurship in Cambridge, MA. Thanks to the intellectual (and financial) support of the MIT community we were able to bring our project to life.


Meet the team



An engineer with the heart of a chef, or viceversa… Filippo grew up in a small town in Tuscany, Italy. He studied engineering at the University of Pisa, McMaster University, and Tsinghua University, where he obtained his PhD in 2016. His passion for cooking lead him through several culinary jobs in Italy and China through the years, including participating to a culinary talk show on Chinese tv in the role of Italian resident chef! Filippo is Due’s executive chef and operations leader.



Davide also grew up in a small town in Tuscany, Italy. He studied media, economics and management at University of Bologna, UC Berkeley and MIT, where he received his MBA in 2016. Throughout his career he worked as a strategy consultant and in a variety of roles in the tech sector. At Due’, he specializes in front of the house, branding and strategy.